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Google Ads with Wix

I lead the UX writing for "Google Ads with Wix," a feature which enables Wix users to launch and manage Google Ads campaigns from directly within Wix. As a UX writer, I collaborate with internal stakeholders as well as our counterparts at Google to ensure that users can enjoy an accessible, simplified tool for advertising their business.


Explore these case studies of my contributions to the product
case study 1

Campaign type selection



We added a step in the onboarding process for Google Ads with Wix, in which Wix eCommerce users (of all levels) are asked to select which campaign type they would like to create and launch. This is a sensitive screen, since users can easily get confused and "drop" in the funnel. At the same time, it's a great opportunity to educate and clarify the difference between types of Google Ads campaigns, often a technical tool that can confuse beginner users.



Our qualitative research showed that users readily understood the difference between the two campaigns, and through tracking screen movements it was clear that users processed the text and made the right decision for them. Quantitatively, we saw an increase in collections and in campaign creation (our main KPIs), without any drop in the funnel.


Campaign timeline


Google Ads campaigns can be tricky, since they often don't show great results (clicks, conversions, etc.) right away. It takes time for Google's system to learn and for advertisers to figure out how to target their audience effectively. Many Wix users would create Google Ads campaigns but got frustrated after a few months because they weren't seeing the results they hoped for. This happened because they didn't realize that campaigns often need time to perform well, and they didn't know how to make their campaigns work better.


We introduced a campaign timeline feature on users' Google Ads with Wix dashboards with the goal of making the often overly-technical world of Google Ads more transparent. The straightforward timeline allows users to easily visualize their campaign’s progress. It was crucial for me that the messaging conveyed trust and a sense of partnership, assuring users that we're alongside them in their advertising journey. We also added dynamic messages that appear in their current stage in the timeline, offering a blend of guidance and reassurance.


We saw a significant decrease in user churn, especially among users whose campaigns had been live for 2 months. This translated into an increase in collections.

More case studies coming soon!

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