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Designing with content:
Wix Marketing Integrations


A relatively technical product geared towards more advanced Wix users, Marketing Integrations offers a simple way to connect third-party accounts (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.) to a Wix site. Most integrations allow users optimized tracking and analytics data. In reality, the product was composed of knowledge base articles embedded into the user interface.


We encountered several issues with the existing design and functionality.

  • Difficult product localization process: Every update in either UX copy or help center copy needs to be sent for translation in 20 languages. The fact that the two were combined in one page made it challenging for teams existing processes to align correctly, requiring a disproportionate amount of time and effort.

  • Inconsistent experience for non-EN users: On a technical level, the page combined both UX copy and an embedded help center article. Wix localizes its UX copy into 20 languages, but its help center articles into fewer languages. The result was that users in some languages were seeing a page with text in both their native language and English - a less-than-ideal experience for global audiences.

  • Clunky, unfriendly, unintuitive design: Users reported confusion and a sense of ovwhelm when encountering the product's pages. They were content-heavy and included an extraordinary amount of detail relative to the scope of the tool.




I took the lead on redesigning this product, flipping the traditional workflow, in which a UX designer typically creates design briefs to "hand off" to a UX writer. I set out to completely rethink this product's structure and design, from a uniquely content-oriented perspective.

When drafting, I collaborated with stakeholders to consider:

  • Technical limitations

  • Information architecture

  • Accessibility

  • Localization

I presented my design proposal, advocating for:

  • Optimized content hierarchy

  • A more accessible, streamlined, and simplified flow

  • Relevant CTA placement

  • Redirecting users to Wix and third-party knowledge base articles